Fox Hunt with Manco Wounded Hare
The hunt for any animal is good when you know its habits and routine of life. Fox is no exception. There are no ways to hunt for it: they hunt…

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Ks kurve
With hounds at the end of the season
Most hunters do not practically hunt ungulates here. Such a hunt is associated with many conditions that are not suitable for everyone. First of all, considerable financial expenses are required,…

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Rescue and save the big spindle
The state of populations of one or another species of animals and birds depends, as a rule, on a whole complex of factors, which, dynamically changing, can in a relatively…

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Rescue and save the big spindle
The state of populations of one or another species of animals and birds depends, as a rule, on a whole complex of factors, which, dynamically changing, can in a relatively…


Hunting game in the Tver region

And on a beautiful spring morning, after loading the equipment into the old Terrano, to the accompaniment of bird trills, we set off on the road. Our path lies to the west, in the very wilderness of the Tver region, where the house, solidly felled by Andrew, smelling of resin and fresh wood, will take the hunters in its arms. About five hours later we were on the spot, in a village on the shore of Usoditsa lake. That same evening, noting a meeting with friends and acquaintances who have not been seen for almost half a year, we go to listen to a woodcock.

Each evening, at sunset, these forest waders begin their mating flights in search of females. “Hrr-hrr”, – voices exciting the soul that are heard with long wings of cockerels tracing with sharp wings. Hunting is based on this behavior of birds. She is never particularly minded, but deservedly considered one of the most poetic and exciting.

“Hrr-hrr”, – it was heard somewhere off to the side, and the gray cockerel stretched past by turned up to the cap thrown by Andrey. Not many hunters know this technique, and meanwhile woodcocks often tuck up to the objects being tossed up, taking them for females that have flung themselves off the ground.

So, the woodcock promises good traction, the many-voiced duck quacking is heard from the lake, and the sky is torn by powerful wings of shoals of geese. At such moments it is impossible to sleep, eat, or talk about anything other than hunting. Probably, this is true happiness.

Duck hunting
The stars did not have time to go out, and we had already launched an inflatable twin-boat, hoping to shoot a couple of well-fed drakes for dinner.

The sharp, long-lasting “crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhh-ed”, published by my decoy duck, very successfully attracts herds of the most variegated waterfowl brethren. Over the head constantly heard the whistle of the wings. However, the birds still do not sink into the water and they can not shoot, so as not to accidentally get into females. On the water, the same drake can always be distinguished by the bright colors of the plumage.

The Gogol, swiftly dived toward the infestory white, like a steamer, made my heart beat faster. I caught a drake and, a second later, a biting shot dropped the white feather of his plumage on the water. Almost at the same moment shots rang out on the lake. The most successful duck hunting is in the morning and evening dawns, because in the daytime you cannot hide from the sharp eyes of a drake even in a hut.

Grouse Hunt
One of the traditional Russian spring hunts is shooting black grouse on the current.

In the morning and evening dawn, the black grouse is especially fervently singing, and the greatest number of singers take part in tokania.

The locations of the black grouse are the same from year to year. Since last year, our huts have been standing near such tokovisch on the wide edge of the forest. In the afternoon, we slightly renewed them, and the next morning, even in the light of the stars, loading shotguns with the No. 5 shot and dressed in shaggy “gilli” lingerie, took up positions.

As soon as dawn broke, there was a loud flapping of wings – the first black grouse flew in. It is he who proclaims the beginning of bird games and sets the tone for them, so you cannot shoot him. After a few minutes for the mating games, other blackheads fly together.

The black grouse is collected for current even in the dark, but it will be possible to shoot at them not earlier than the illumination allows to clearly distinguish chufykas or fighting roosters. In order not to make a wounded game, in no case can one shoot at random at flickering shadows.

… But here the rising sun lit up with its rays beating for the ladies’ overdressed gentlemen of the avian world, the red-browed beauties who carelessly approached our shelters. I hasten to take the nearest fly, Andrei’s hurried doublet is heard, another one follows, I also pull the trigger … Waving feathers, the wounded Kosach beats desperately.

According to the rules of hunting silence should be observed until the full end of the current and the departure of black grouses from the tokishcha. Only after this, Andrei and I leave the shelter. The amount of prey does not mean much for us, the main thing is to enjoy the beauty of nature, to experience unparalleled joyful emotions.

Hunting geese
A warm spring day flares up in full force; over our heads, announcing the neighborhood with a frenzy of giggle, geese fly like a chain.

Having looked at each other, we understood each other without words and after an hour and a half we loaded plastic stuffed geese, flashlights, camouflage nets, binoculars, bullets, shotguns and decoys into the jeep.

There are bird droppings and feathers on the fields cleared of snow. We barely have time to dig the trenches with the demining shovels and disguise them with a network, as an oscillating strip appears on the horizon. This is exactly what a goose flock that runs almost above the ground itself looks like. We freeze and wait, with lust watching her approach. It’s time. Having thrown back the camouflage net, I put the fly on three-four hulls in front of the target (it only seems that the goose is flying slowly.

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Raccoon hunting in november
That day finally came when I was able to go hunting. Before that, I could not because of work, but free days came and I did not hesitate. I agreed…


African Lion Safari
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