WeWeasel and Ferretasel and Ferret
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Fox Hunting with Monkey, Burrows or Hounds
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How to choose clothes for hunting?

Every hunter knows how important it is to choose the right equipment. And it is not so much about weapons or accessories, but about clothes and shoes. Choosing a hunting suit or boots, many are faced with a huge amount of insignificant (at first glance) nuances that can later play a cruel joke with the owner. To avoid this, making a choice, you need to pay attention to even the most trifling details. We already told you about the main points that you should pay attention to when choosing shoes, as well as popular materials used in their production, in one of our previous articles. Now, we will try to tell you as much as possible about what kind of clothing for hunting is better, how to choose it and how much it costs.

How to choose clothes for winter hunting?
Choosing a winter uniform for hunting is important to remember – it should be warm and comfortable in any situation, regardless of whether you are sitting in a seat or moving around, driving your prey. Clothing should be warm, wind and water resistant, quiet and not constrain movement.

An example of a winter suit

There is a basic principle on which it is recommended to pick up winter gear, called the principle of layering. Earlier we examined it in detail in articles about membrane fabrics and the choice of thermal underwear.

Thermal underwear and clothing that saves heat.
As is already clear from the name, the principle of multi-layeredness is based on the use of several layers at once, and more precisely three:

The first is thermal underwear, which diverts sweat from the body. For hunters, functional underwear is best suited for variable and low loads.

The second is clothing that retains the maximum amount of heat and at the same time does not prevent further removal of excess moisture to the outside. The most commonly used fleece fabrics.

The third – outerwear to protect against adverse weather conditions, strong cold wind or rain. Membrane materials do an excellent job with this task.

Jumpsuit or pants – which is better in winter?
With multilayered sorted out. The next moment hunters face is the choice between pants and overalls. The main thing to remember is that we choose winter equipment, not summer or demi-season, but winter. In this case, comfort and heat retention are more important. Usability, of course, plays a role. You do not need to undress in the woods for speed? The overalls will provide additional warmth to the lower back and back, which is important if it is cold outside, and you decide to sit in the backseat.

Caps, mittens and other accessories.
Also, do not forget about such trifles as a hat and gloves. Otitis with sinusitis, or frozen fingers of the hands – not the best comrades. Yes, and about the hunt will have to forget for a long time. So you should not joke.

The cap for the winter is better to take from natural fur or wool with a small amount of acrylic in the composition, then as you want. Excellent if it is also insulated with a fleece. The main thing is that the headdress should fit snugly to the ears and cover the forehead. And so that the material was able to divert excess moisture, and then a sweaty head is not the best option.

Mittens and gloves should also be chosen wisely. They should be warm, and they should be comfortable to hold weapons and shoot. Therefore, it is better to choose the combined option.

The peculiarity of summer suits and the rules of their choice.
It is much easier to choose summer equipment, the main thing is to give preference to natural materials. After all, the main thing in the summer is to prevent overheating, and flax and cotton are best to deal with it. An additional advantage would be the use of membranes and impregnations in the manufacture of clothing. Some even contain silver ions and other substances that prevent the growth of bacteria and the spread of sweat.

Cotton suit for summer hunting

Natural materials dry quickly and blown by the wind, which provides additional temperature control. An excellent option for a summer hunting suit will be a shirt or T-shirt with a light jacket and camouflage pants, which can be bought at specialized hunting stores.

What should be a demi-season hunter costume?
Oddly enough, but the choice of demi-season uniforms may be the most difficult. The task of winter clothing – to keep warm, summer – to prevent overheating. Autumn and spring are much more interesting. During the day it is still relatively warm, at night it is cold, sometimes it is cold. And yet, it may suddenly rain, and you will not be in a very pleasant position.

Autumn-spring suit of membrane fabric with fleece insulation

Therefore, the primary task of demi-season suits is to regulate body temperature well and prevent moisture from getting inside. An excellent option in this case would be clothing made of membrane waterproof fabrics with fleece lining.

Suit or jacket and pants separately?
Another question that sooner or later arises from any hunting enthusiast is to buy a suit or a jacket and trousers separately. It’s all ambiguous.

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