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Boar hunting

Among big game hunters, hunting wild boar is especially popular. She is very diverse and has many nuances, which adds to her interest, both experienced hunters and beginners.

Here, not only correct preparation is important, but also an understanding of the animal’s physiology, the specifics of its thinking, habits, and behavior in stressful situations. This is what this article will go about. We will also try to tell you how to hunt down a boar and describe the most common types of hunting for this beast, drawing attention to the main points.

Features and habits of the boar
For successful hunting requires proper preparation, which means that you must not only perfectly know all the habits of your target, but also understand and anticipate its actions. Wild boar – a beast is quite dangerous, having excellent natural protection in the form of fangs and a kind of armor in the chest. He has an excellent sense of smell and hearing, but with sight – trouble. This animal doesn’t have so many places that the result can guarantee. And this must be remembered, because a wounded beast, at best, will simply run away, and maybe even attack its abuser. And if he runs away, look for him later, not the most interesting and easy task. The figure below shows the places where you should aim for maximum effect.

How to hunt a boar?
Do not forget about elementary safety rules. After all, their non-compliance may lead to the most unpredictable consequences.

The boar has a very good nose. Choose a place to sit down or approach so that the wind is blowing in your direction.

It is better to choose a place in the morning – the boar has already gone from nightly feeding to the place of the day bed, and your smell will disappear until the evening.

Do not go out into the open, if you are not sure that there is no wild boar nearby.

Before going out into the open area, the boar sniffs and listens, so be quiet so as not to frighten off ahead of time.

When the beast is within sight, notice how it behaves. If the ears are standing and the tail moves freely, you can come closer, and if the animal has stopped, then it is better to wait out the hunter.

Do not leave a wounded boar, it becomes very dangerous, so be sure to track down and finish. Do not approach the wounded beast when you are not sure that it is dead. Look, if your ears are upright and the fur on the back of the neck is “shoot out” – just shoot at the head.

Wild boar hunting
There are several types of boar hunting. And all of them can be used at any time from the moment of discovery and until the end of the hunting permit for this beast. Each of them has its own characteristics and nuances, and it is better to remember them. Therefore, let us now consider them.

From the approach
Hunting for a boar in the winter from the approach is considered one of the most difficult, since it requires maximum attention and caution. It can occur both in the daytime and at night. During the day you will have to track him down at the place of laying, and at night at the places of feeding. At night, it can be hard with lighting, you can, of course, use night vision devices or night sights, but not everyone has them.

On the feeding fields
The favorite delicacy of this animal is oats and corn. Hunting for wild boar in corn or on oats practically does not differ from each other. If you decide to hunt it down during the night feeding, then you should start before dusk.

As mentioned above, the places from which you will begin the approach, it is better to determine early in the morning. And in the evening, when it becomes clear whence the wind is blowing, you can choose the correct starting position. A wild boar hunt at night from an approach is difficult especially in winter, as it gets dark very swiftly, and you cannot use lanterns – you can flush out the beast.

On the beach
If you chose a day hunt, you will have to look for places of laying boars. In the warm season it can be swampy places (they burrow into the mud), but in the winter they just burrow into the snow. Although the snow tracks found easier. And do not forget that the approach is on the leeward side. Boars sleep well enough, so if you do not make noise, you can come very close. Therefore, carefully select the equipment, clothing should not make unnecessary sounds, and shoes should be warm and comfortable. Therefore, it is better to buy hunting boots and a special suit in advance.

Back seat
Hunting for a wild boar from a hack is also quite common, although not so exciting. It can also be different: from the towers, on the feeding fields or on the paths.

The hunt for a boar from the tower, the simplest and safest – chose a place, put up a tower or a storage shed and sit, wait. But on the trails or feeding fields need to be careful.

The basic rules are the same as with the approach:
Keep silence, watch the wind (it should blow in your direction or parallel to you), and do not use anything with a strong and strong odor while waiting.
Sit down should be chosen for some stone.

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