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Muskrat Catching Cabbage
The hunter Mikhail Alexandrovich Ponomarev, a resident of the Kurgan Region, Kurgan Region, the village of Zaikovo, in 45 days of fishing by freeze-up, extracted 1,500 muskrats. By its structure,…

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Hunting with a bird of prey in Russia today

To begin with, a license is needed for catching and keeping falcons in Russia. Gyrfalcon, Peregrine Falcon, Saker Falcon, Shahin – Red Book species. Falcons have a great flight speed. They prefer to overtake their prey in the air – not a single bird can escape from a falcon in a free race. For this, they are appreciated by lovers of hunting with birds of prey.

However, for this purpose not only falcons are used – hawks and eagles are also “avid” hunters. For hawks license is generally not required. Their hunting strategy comes down to ambush attack, as the hawk has less speed. At the same time, both hawks and falcons simply wonderfully, flying at great speed, slow down just before the ground itself and not crash. This property is one of the mysteries of nature. Golden Eagle is one of the largest eagles. There are birds weighing up to 12 kilograms in Kamchatka. They hunt hares, foxes, and sometimes wolves.

In the world of large birds of prey mainly matriarchy reigns. The female is much larger and stronger than the male. There were cases when the female eagle killed and ate her spouse for bad behavior. At the same time monogamy is characteristic of predators. They create couples for life, and the birds are very selective. It is extremely difficult to breed them in captivity, because without the “love” the birds can live in the same aviary for years, but will not lead to offspring.

In nature, predators do not live in flocks, each pair has its own territory, where they would never allow a stranger to go. Even smaller ones drive larger ones from their territory.

Breeding Chicks
Bringing out and keeping a bird of prey is a very laborious task. They contain birds in deaf enclosures, sometimes as an exception they live in rooms with their owners. They cannot be kept in a cage because the plumage can be damaged. And this leads to a loss of flight qualities for a whole year, until the bird sheds.

In general, there are craftsmen who can fix the pen. – This is a fine job. For this, feathers from the previous molt are not thrown away. It is necessary to carefully cut the broken edge, insert a chip into the cavity and glue a clearly measured piece of another pen. A new feather should practically merge with the old one.

You can catch an adult bird in the wild. The advantage of this method is that the predator already knows how to hunt. The downside is that it is less affectionate than the nestling that was raised from birth, and is more likely to fly away. To accustom the bird, it is worn on the arm for days, even sleeping with it.

Those who have undertaken the work of raising a chick will have to, like his present parents, learn him to fly and hunt. To learn to fly like that. At first they offer a piece of meat from a gloved hand. Then the distance between the arm and the chick is increased, and the bird is forced to overpower its fear and fly up for a treat. Every day – one step further. When the bird is already flying steadily on the glove, it is taught to follow it on a whistle, without a rope. They give meat to peck a couple of times, then leave, whistle, give dainty again, and the bird gets used to flying the whistle.

When a falcon is raised by a human, there is still the danger that he will become a squeak. The fact is that if you fed a chick from infancy, he considers you a parent and can start yelling, demanding food. If this happens, then a couple of days is enough for the falcon to become an incorrigible Pussy, and while hunting he will scare away all the prey with his cry.

Hunting predators are taught to pigeons. And then in the same way they prepare for each hunting season. The technology is as follows: a part of feathers is pulled out of the tail and wings of a pigeon in order to reduce the speed of its flight. At first, young predators cannot catch even such a plucked pigeon. But over time, feathers are pulled out less and less, the results of hunting become more and more stable.

Pigeons are excellent flyers, they are quick and dodgy in the air, so a pigeon is a good prey. If a predator can catch even a slightly plucked pigeon, then with it you can already hunt partridges and other game. If he catches a whole pigeon, then we can assume that the training was not in vain.

Hunting with a bird of prey
How does hunting happen? A man travels to hunting grounds with a bird on his hand. To do this, it has a special glove on it, in front of the bird a hood is a small hat that is worn so that the bird does not try to start the hunt ahead of time. On the paws of the feathered predator of the oputinki, to which the owe is tied and fixed on the arm. At the sight of the required prey, the cowl is removed, held on to the cleats, the debtor is taken out and, having shown the bird the game, they release it with a hand feed upwards. The bird takes off and overtakes the victim. She will not bring her prey to you, but will begin to pluck on the spot. It is necessary to carefully pick up the game, offering the feathered hunter a piece of meat.

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